SquareSpace vs WordPress both are best website builder to create a amazing website without doing any technical stuff or without doing any coding.

squareSpace and wordpress both are paid platform and easy to use. You can create your own website as you can on both platform.

Note- WordPress has two version WordPress.com and WordPress.com we are taking WordPress.org for compassion.

wordpress.com is best for beginner because it is free to use. It will cost after if you wants to use extra premium feature.

In this article, we will compare Squarespace Vs WordPress step by step with all pron and cons for each platform. It will help to select a best and i will try my best to clear your all doubt.

we writes this article to cover all the important points. I listed the points below you can directly jump to the topic with a single click/touch.

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  • East To Use
  • Design And Template
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Page speed
  • E-Commerce
  • Data transfer
  • Supported Language
  • Affiliate marketing
  • User interaction

So, ready HOLD UP TIGHTLY let’s goo. We discuss each and every point

Easy to Use | Squarespace Vs WordPress

most of the business man, and beginner level blogger are not familiar with HTML and CSS and they don’t know how to create a website and how to handle it. so, squarespace and wordpress are two best platform that help to create a website without doing technical stuff or they don’t need any web-developer.


WordPress is the top choise among users who wants to start a blog a small bussiness/local bussiness.

The wordpress is mailny powered by PHP buy it is eas to use and you cann learn, it easily

Note- Over 32% of website are powered by wordpress

beginners Bloggers need time to get familiar with wordpress. They don’t know difference between categories vs tags and how to use plugin in a proper way.

Writing dashboard is easy to use and easy to handle. It comes with custom block and add content element to your pages.

Most of the blogger use wordpress to create their website for content writing.and many of the business man to create E-commerce website.


  • It offers lot of feature .
  • You can run it for long time.
  • flexible to use.
  • create your own website as you can.


  • Not comfortable for beginners.
  • Take time to understand.

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Squarespace Vs WordPress
Squarespace Vs WordPress


squarespace is not comes with lot of choices. A beginner can easily handle squarespace dashboard and publish content in proper manner.

It also have big box editor where you can add images videos, audio files, URL and make your layout beautiful, the editor looks similar to wordpress but it have less technical stuff.

It is easy to understand for absolute beginner by using virtual editor. Virtual editor used to customize your template and pages.

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  • best for absolute beginners.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Simple Dashboard.


  • Have limited feature.
  • limited feature.
  • Cannot create website as you can.


The squarespace works far better than the wordpress for absolute beginner. It have limited feature but easy to use and convenient at all.

On other hand wordpress offers lot of choices for beginners, but it can confuse and don’t know how to use. WordPress is best for long run.

WordPress are more advance and flexible than squarespace, it have plugin that create or customize anything just by drag and drop feature. You don’t even required to hire a web developer.

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Design And Template | Squarespace Vs WordPress

Design and template is give important for the users that visit your website because design and template give first impression of the website. So, keep in mind that use classic template that force the users to come back to the website.

NOTE- If user like your template and design and also the content it definitely bookmark your website in their web-browser.


wordpress provide lots of free and paid website template for all type of website. The free template is also look good and fully customizable it also allow you to choose your own logo, image, colour and much more.

The premium template look professional and it contain lot of template that are already design for different categories like- Job, Personal Blog, E-commerce, News and much more.

Many of beginners get little bit confused to choose the right template for their blog. Many of absolute beginner blogger look for the premium template.



Note- Newspaper is the best all time premium template for wordpress.

Newspaper theme have DIV TAG support that allow you to customize your template like a pro. It offers lot of custom skin and complete drag and drop control.


sqaurespace offers you limited different template but they are ready-made. Each categories have different ready-made template. All template look professional and good in all difference devices. You can customize the template but in limited section.

In this section squarespace seriously perform very bad. The squarespace have limited ready-made template. You can only change basic color logo, menu, fonts and other limited things. The squarespace comes with limited number of layout choices with each template.




wordpress is clear winner in this design and template section because it offers design choices, customization option, flexible. Squarespace offers ready-made great looking template but they are limited in term of customization and not flexible at all.

Mobile Friendly


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