Selecting a perfect domain name is similar as choosing a company name. Always treat your blog as a Business then after your blog must touch the step of success. Domain name selection requires a lot of thought. You have to choose a domain name that perfectly fit your business idea or your blog idea So, before buying a domain name think a lot and you can also refer this article this will help you a lot.

These are the best tips for Selecting a Perfect Domain Name for your company, business, personal blog.

Keep Your Domain Name Shot: Selecting a Perfect Domain Name

  • The length of the domain name is shot so, It is easy to remember and easy to type.
  • Short domain name is avoid mistyping by your visitor and by you also.

Focus on your business area: Selecting a Perfect Domain Name

  • Don’t forget to include keyword and your business/company name.
  • If you targeting at local area then don’t forget to include your city name in the domain.

For Example- you provide tiffin service in your city (Nagpur). In this case, your domain name looks like-

you can modify your domain mane and include your shop name in it. It is very helpful for your local customers to find and remember your website as well as your business 

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Avoid Number And Special Character in your domain

  • people always get confused if you use number, special character and hyphen in your domain

For Example-, is a perfect domain, where the is not SEO friendly domain.

  • the movie downloading website you can see this is a movie downloading site but it doesn’t use movie or download keyword in their domain.
  • I personally suggest you if you don’t know how to select a perfect name in cheap price then I can help you.
Selecting A Perfect Domain Name
Selecting A Perfect Domain Name

Use a proper domain name extension: Selecting a Perfect Domain Name

  • A domain name extension always indicates your locality and type of business you have or you are going to establish.
  • if you don’t know which extension is perfect to you then, I suggest you go with .edu or .net rather than .org because these extensions have high market value.
  • .com domain name is perfect domain name for business/company/personal blog, but .com domain has high demand in the market so, you might have to put little extra effort to find a .com domain.

NOTE- please friend don’t buy a domain name which has a cheap in cost or might be offered free

you know what type of things are you get in the market in cheap price or free of cost. So, friends I personally suggest you don t use free domain spend some money to be better in future.

If you are giving your 100% effort on the free domain and you think your article will rank on google and earning get started by this. then you are a perfect LOL.

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Here Is The List Of Some Extension:Selecting a Perfect Domain Name

  • .in- Usually used in India for local business (similarly every country have their own extension .US-United State, .UK- United Kingdom )
  • .COM– use for commercial purpose.
  • .ORG– Non-profitable organization.
  • .NET- It is mostly used for technical purpose.
  • .ME- Mainly use for personal blog.

Similarly .online, .club, .info, .store, etc have their special meaning.

Take .com domain if possible

I will suggest you take .com domain because it will suit every need whether it is store, business, institution, organization or anything else.

Selecting A Perfect Domain Name
Selecting A Perfect Domain Name

Act Fast As Possible As Soon

Domain names are sold very quickly. There is two prime reason one is domain flipping and another one is the growing competition in the Internet world. Everybody wants it’s own identity on the internet and wants to be a brand.

So, If you have an idea then just grab the relevant domain name as fast as possible because you never know that name might be not available for you in future.

So, friends register your Domain name that is based on your name. Your identity is always kept on your name.

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