1st position on 1st page is your dream? Don’t worry, Now Techno Saurabh going to improve google search ranking just follow the steps it will help you a lot.

SEO play very important role in ranking. It is accumulated of strategies and tactics to improve your ranking and increase your visitors.

SEO is important for the users as well as boats of search engine.

Now days with high level of competition ranking is quite difficult So, I am going to tell how to rank your website on google web-page. I know many of you are not sure about how to rank an article on google or How to improve Google Search Ranking

Keyword Research To Improve Google Search Ranking

  1. first you need to target your keyword, because you company or blog will rank on google a with a appropriate keyword.
  2. If you don’t know how to do keyword research you can go through this article.
  3. Your heading (H2) must contain targeted keyword.
  4. Keyword must use 10 times in the 800 words article.
  5. Target a keyword that have a high search volume, low competition and high CPC.
  6. Refer this article to do keyword research it will definitely help you.
Improve Google Search Ranking
Improve Google Search Ranking

Drop Targeted Keyword In Article

  1. Your targeted keyword must be uniformly distributed in the article in proper manner.
  2. Heading must contain targeted keyword.
  3. Drop targeted keyword in alt image section and also in rename section.
  4. Meta description must contain targeted keywords.
  5. Slug (YOAST SEO) must contain targeted keyword.
  6. put targeted keyword in your paralink.

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Structure Of Article

  1. The reading time and bounce rate depend on the structure article and content, ensure that your paragraph is not much bigger.
  2. the picture must place in proper manner and in HD quality to attract the user.

Post Long Content To Improve Google Search Ranking

  1. Long content improves your ranking on google. Fix a target of around 2000 words and minimum of 1000 words at least.
  2. User definitely read your article when it get informational thing on it. Longer content will help you to add more keyword and it increase the outbound linking and internal linking.
  3. Google would recognize it as something more relevant. A longer content also improves article to rank higher than others.
  4. While writing the article, you must remember what are you writing, what is the next step, to avoid the spelling mistake, grammar mistake.
  5. A quality content contain high competition keyword, long content (2000 words), no spelling mistake, no grammar mistake and article written in proper manner. So, focus on content because content is king.

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Image Optimization

Image that you upload must contain target keyword in their file name and in Alt attribute. This will more relevant to Search target your picture for ranking. Image is important component of website it make page more user attractive.

Backlink (Link Building)

It is most important factor to rank an article on search engine. Backlink also improve your DA and PA of your site as well as your Alexa ranking. here are 300+ site that give you do-follow backlink.

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