Fix Valuable Inventory Scarped Content Violation is a part of google adsense policy violation. If you read the google adsense policy in details. you can easily find the terms in it. Fix Valuable Inventory Scarped Content Violation

Wanna To Earn From Adsense?
But Not Getting Approval.

Don’t worry techno Saurabh have solution for it. Read this full article it will definitely help you

valuable inventory scraped content violation is a part of google adsense policy violation. If you read the google adsense policy in details. you can easily find the terms in it.

Now in this article i am going to tell “how to Fix valuable inventory scraped content violation”

These problems mainly faced by new blogger because Now days, new blogger are in hurry to earn money they don’t have habit to write an article. So, it copy an article form other website and think “they are legends, doing a great job” But in reality they are stupid (LOL).
They don’t know google know every thing and huge amount of google boats are scanning millions of website

Blogging required patients. It cannot give you output in initial days.

Note:- Blogging is a business which required smart word not hard work.

What’s The matter Behind It.

some of new blogger copy the whole content but some are change few things in it and think they are doing a great job.

But Google is know as (FATHER) of internet world. Google is much and much smarter than you. He know everything and change everything when he want. So, be patient and don’t do these things on internet.

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“Just listen one thing if you get approved by doing copy and paste job don’t get be happy because you can earn only some ( $ 1-2 ) in 1 month”.

But why? why you are not able to earn?

Earning means traffic and traffic means ranking and ranking depend on the these factor.

“A Copied article never rank in google web-page.”

Traffic and adsense approval on blog is a dream for those blogger who copy article form other website.

Some reason of scraped content:-

  1. copy whole article from other website and paste it without doing any changes.
  2. site that copy content from other website and modify it slightly and republish it.
  3. Adding attachment of such as image, video or other media without owner’s permission.

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Fix valuable inventory  scraped content violation"
Fix valuable inventory scraped content violation”

you need to focus on the interest of your visitors, their demand and write your own article by doing proper SEO that will help you a lot

How to Fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Violation.

First remove all the content form your website and remove your website form google webmaster tool and wait for 1 day and then submit it again in webmaster tool, and write your article, in your langauge

  1. Make sure that your blog has unique content, avoid to copy content. write your own article.
  2. Do not attach unnecessary files to your blog like:- image from google, video without permission.
  3. focus on your quality and length if your article, give time to write your article and don’t write short article, because if you write short article you will get valuable inventory no content violation.
  4. Do not add ads on those page which have less content like:- Contact Us, login page, registration page, search page.
  5. maintain the gap between the ads and content, Because it will look like you want the users to click on ads. after adsense approval you can put in between article ads and in article ads.
  6. remove the other third party ads from you website like :- (Affiliate marketing ads, Popup ads and ads)

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Techno Saurabh views about the, Fix Valuable Inventory Scarped Content Violation :-

Hey, guys don’t run towards adsense if your site is new and you are new in blogging field.

Let, suppose you take the google adsense approval any ways, but you know you don’t able to generate traffic and not get high CPC on your ads.

your earning will increase very slowly and you don’t know how to increase you earning.

You are not able to rank your article on google because your DA and PA is much less. So, focus on your content and don’t copy the article from other website.

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guys, hey my personal suggestion is go with micro niche blogging and it can easily rank your website on google pages.


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